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Our anonymized payment system accepts Bitcoins to ensure untraceability and total discretion.

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What is an IP Stresser?

An IP stresser or IP booter is a tool built to put networks or servers under severe strain. The purposes and results may vary depending on the strength of the attack or the server´s robustness. Many cybersecurity agencies use IP stressers to orchestrate DDoS attacks targeting their own servers or that of their clients to test their systems and find vulnerabilities. But the uses of an IP booter can extend far beyond that.

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About Red Stresser

Our experts have years of experience in the cybersecurity industry and have dedicated their knowledge and resources to build the most reliable and solid IP stresser for today´s demand.

Why Use Our Stressers?

We have put in place state-of-the-art stressers able to successfully launch fully customized layer 7 attacks, bypassing most modern protections. We keep our systems up to date following the latest advances in cybersecurity technology and breakthroughs. We provide a thorough user-friendly guide that will allow you to launch your first successful attack in minutes.

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Some pricing plans

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$30 / mo

  • Concurrent attack 1

  • Attack time 10 min

  • Attack power 1000 Request per second

  • Layer7

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$65 / mo

  • Concurrent attack 1

  • Attack time 30 min

  • Attack power 6000 Request per second

  • Layer7

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$200 / mo

  • Concurrent attack 1

  • Attack time 120 min

  • Attack power 10,000 Request per second

  • Layer7

  • Premium Network

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$10 / each hour

  • Pay per hour for advanced ddos


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