What is an IP Stresser

An IP stresser or IP booter is a tool built to put networks or servers under severe strain. The purposes and results may vary depending on the strength of the attack or the server´s robustness. Many cybersecurity agencies use IP stressers to orchestrate DDoS attacks targeting their own servers or that of their clients to test their systems and find vulnerabilities. But the uses of an IP booter can extend far beyond that.

Is there a limit on attacks per day?

Yes. We only handle 50 hosts a day, but that limit can go up depending on your specific needs. Contact our support department to talk about your requirement to see what we can do for you.

How long does it take to start an attack?

Our automated services generally allow you to start an attack 10 minutes after your payment is declared complete.

Can I get a VIP plan?

For customers who need extra power and technical support, we can design custom plans around their specific requirements. They can get about 60% more raw power and enjoy the highest priority for support services. Just contact our staff if you have specific requirements.

Can you guarantee that my target will get offline?

It always depends on your target´s ability to handle requests. Talk to our customer support and we will help you find out how much power you will need to take a target down.

Are there any custom packages?

Our main packages are designed around the most common needs of our customers. If you need something more specific, feel free to contact our support staff to find the right solution.

What is a layer 4 attack?

These attacks are called SYN flood attacks. They basically overwhelm any server by sending more SYN packets than it can handle, preventing it from answering legit requests. They are mainly used to test the power of a website server and help owners get robust infrastructure.

What is a Layer 7 attack?

These are performed by sending large HTTP GET requests to a server. The requests are all legit, but the sheer amount is so big that it can grind any webserver to a halt. They are very difficult to detect and are used to test higher-order security measures.

What payment methods do you accept?

We currently accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. If you’re interested in other methods of payment, please contact our support staff for more information.

Are there any risks for using a Stresser?

None whatsoever. Our services are based on total anonymity and we don’t collect any IP logs in our systems.